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My wife and I were married for about 3 years, though as a couple together for almost 9 years. One night I told my wife that she only had my dick in her she always wanted, had a different shape or size of the wrench to try! To my supprise she said yes ! But I had to find a man, and select a man for her while I was watching to do! I spent three months in search of a person we have in view and the same age, etc. I finally contacted a professional man, we do it in a trio with MMF. We agreed a time, meet in a neutral place where I could leave my Hald other decide whether enough to fuck you! Night came and we were very nervous, we met and had a drink and a chat with the brand. I told him I would not be a penis that is a longerthan my husband, but I like to know what a thicker flet like me. Now Mark laughed deviantclip and Siad, certianly my fat and with this and what he had said before going to our home. When we got home, to my surprise, MarkMandy had a feel of tits and rubbed his crutches over his pants, what I see when he took his white coat showing in the Basque language. I watched as he opened his pants mandy. She fell down and his hand slip, even under pants Mandy began deviantclip as a brand, Mandy rubbing her pussy and looked at me as if to say, the son of a bitch, but she shuddered then, as a sign of the fingers entered her pussy At this point, Mandy ! insisted that all we got and we went to check on our king-size bed, which came and pulled mandy. Mandy told Mark his cock into her wet pussy deviantclip things I sucked his cock. Mark took his back on all fours and his cock was sucked his deviantclip dick but I almost end up like she did! Now Mark pundered Mandys pussy for about 10 minutes when Mandy says all the right to change the brand pulled his wet cock from deviantclip her and Mandy took me from behind, while Mark's wet cock in his mouth before the cange Mandy several timesMysefl invited to Mandy 's pussy, as she told me too! brand is so dam crazy Randy Mandy, rolled onto his deviantclip back and slammed his cock into her hole filled with cream and after a few minutes, he complained mandy'd aas hole filled with cream! Mandy licked his cock and thanked Mark and I felt so good. Later that night riding Mandy mark again, as I lay in bed and shot his cream again I just saw in her pussy this time. Mark then went home ! Mandy then spent an hour and still blow my dick bitch and insisiting dialing, I wanted to do it again! He said that although Marks cock was only 5 inches is 2. deviantclip 5 inches thick, and she stretched her ways I enjoyed Lengh stretch mark and I enjoyed it from the side! N Since that first night back to Mandy ficken mark several times and have enjoyed the experience!
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